1. Which of the three learning theories covered in this module best reflects how you learn? Why?I consider the Connectivism as my strongest relation to the learner styles as I always need to connect things with relatable subjects or previous knowledge to help retain my long term memory of learning. Not only that but I find it fundamental in my philosophy of teaching as well. We are truly grow by the positive connections we make in life wether social, intellectual or spiritual. This comes down to the next one for me which was quite problematic when I was younger, Cognitive Load. Why do you ask… maybe my undiagnosed ADD, and poor dietary habits. (funny for a chef now) I had the worst memory for the longest time but it was also because I was not trained how to use it properly at the time, I also wouldn’t pay attention long enough too. Through building scaffolds by multitasking in various kitchens and eventually managment settings I tamed my mental beast of burden. The best thing this taught me was, nothing breeds productivity, like necessity. This is another fundamental aspect to my foundation of lesson planning. Hence the working kitchen I have my students in. Last the SCOT method of theory. Not just because I share its name but because I truly find it the greatest connection to my strongest learning theory. We are a generation/s of connected people around the world and the only way to move forward is to bridge and keep the connections strong. We will accomplish this through embracing technology in our teachnology and our social lives online and REAL! We must also never forget that technology and online will never be as potent of learning as real tangible experience.
  2. Identify and explain three ways that technology could be used by a teacher to help you learn in this way.1) Social media, and online collaboration to connect the students and educators. P L N’s

    2) Computers and personal devices are a way to connect to a data base instead of having to memorize multiple learning outcomes. This would have been advantages for me in my learning and is now a fundamental tools for all learners in the 21st century.

    3) Living worldly experience right in a classroom or being privy to whatever experience you want to show your students is both scary but more so inspiring. We can literally do so many things now through our open mind to technology than any generation of teacher. The best thing is to enhance your own expert knowledge with valid results of your own portfolio and the construction of your students.


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