how not what


Week 5

  • one communication tool

Announcements and e-mail.  Great for communication and multiple reference and reminder points for students to draw from. This not only covers you the teacher for multiple reminders but also parents should have full access to this as well, even with their own password if necessary to help facilitate learning at home and help build communication between the whole trifecta of student, parent and teacher.


  • one assessment tool

Self and peer assessment. Uploading rubrics and self assessment strategies onto the site will build a more holistic assessment and building of understanding for the student and the teacher. Respondus lockdown browser. Is another thing I would add as then you can control all of the students access to information and make sure nothing is used or abused in the exam processing.


  • one content organization tool

Folders and drop-box’s are awesome tools for assignments and even staggered information delivery. This usage of folders can really help scaffold the students learning as well as organize and compartmentalize sections for easier review and or trouble shooting for you as a teacher. It really helps us focus on what they really need as students.


  • one content tool (e.g. file upload, web links, etc)


Having links and or even streaming content is something that is key to engagement of students today. I would have them tell me some other options (within reason) of their content to be added, I.E. recipes, videos of them cooking, demos, menus…


I use D2L on a daily basis at work! It is an awesome tool if you choose to use it well and take the extra time to organize your process before entering it into content and the 14 other tabs you can organize stuff in. I recommend to start with a smaller amount and build into it over a few years of teaching. That is what I am doing and is an amazing reflective tools when re-organizing content and delivery.