This is part 1 of option A week 6

Part 2 option A week 6

  1. What does the tool do to enhance the curricular outcomes for my students?

I will look for tools that truly compliment the outcomes and skills needed for the successful student to bridge themselves into a productive post secondary education or job market(preferably Hospitality) 

  1. Is the tool easy to use/navigate for my high school students?

User friendly and a minimum amount of instruction needed for the students to accomplish the project as the majority will be self directed learning with blended instruction when needed in key points of the projects. I.E. (concept-research-development-product-reflection)

  1. Does the tool have multiple applications/uses for a majority of the projects/ content in all levels of my program?

Can we use this tool for all levels of grades and have relevant interaction with the components of the intro ,intermediate and advanced levels of the course. 

  1. Is it engaging for the students and does it promote creativity in their learning?

Do the students have the opportunity with this tool to build exciting and innovative representations of themselves and their work for the portfolio they are producing for future endeavors. 

  1. Can we keep students information safe on the site? 

Key to all of this is to make sure students have the knowledge about what they put on the net can and will be accessible from almost anywhere. To have some controls is good for them and to help teach them what is safe to put out there and what is not.