Teachers should integrate technology and the relevancy to their digital persona online to as many aspects of curriculum delivery possible. We cannot ignore it, as it is now and the future for students is digital. We are not teaching them the tools they will need if we don’t. Assignments and communication online is key to getting them into the habits of blended instruction.


I am using twitter to engage the entire school population and having my students suggest or even post things when appropriate.  As long as you control content it is the greatest type of freedom to deliver multiple engagement sources for the diverse learners you have in your classroom. The teenage brain can be easily focused and even manipulated, our media blitzed world has made sure of that! Like my poster exemplars, they represent a few guidelines to follow just like any issues in life when you make a choice. The key to the youth it seems is to make it something they want to follow…(twitter anyone?) If it is even kind of interesting they will follow just because it is instant. The reality is to help them choose responsibly, understand the consequences, supports they have and

Think Before They Click!