The video is a scenario I made as an example for the kids to watch and understand how easy it is to control the situation. I know this is always easier said than done but it is a start and I had 1 minute to make a statement. Enjoy.

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Two strategies I would try to engage my students in for cyber bullying are an online gaming educational web based site listed below and simply just bringing it up in class once in a while as a topic in our D2L. Most teachers will usually shy away from the topic but putting it out there is key to the students being comfortable with you not just as a teacher but someone they can trust to do the right thing. Truly the fact is so many students really engage in more online activity than regular offline interaction it seems. I have students come into class some mornings looking like they have a hangover! when essentially they do, from gaming all night long. Not to mention the amount of trash talk and banter that happens as a result of the gaming constructs and play. Even though some might think it is too late in high school I know for a fact that we can change at any age. When patterns and lifestyle are grossly detrimental to our wellness we might even need some tough love wether it is from home, peers or a combo of the school included with the other two. This site has teens talking about the issues and solutions they have made towards online gaming addiction and or the consequences they have endured by becoming a, VIDIOT as I like to call it. They are not stupid in any way but have no idea what they do to people around them and themselves in a holistic wellness and balance we all need. The site is very interactive and will serve some of my students who need a little more insight into their possible addictions and poor heath choices. The health choices come into play once energy drinks and or even drugs take them into a “hole” new realm of destructive possibilities wellness wise. There are many who have a very healthy hobby gaming, but when you hear some of the stories you will see how destructive not just the games are but the psychological aftermath predators can have on younger minds.

Check it out.