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Career and Technology Studies Council Conference

April 11 – 13, 2013 Add Event to your Calendar

Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Building Local

Sponsor(s): The Provincial ATA/Career and Technology Studies Council


Contact:  Paul Bohnert (Conference Director),

This is a PD time for all CTS teachers to collaborate and develop each other in new tech and learning, as well as best practices and proven results brought in by lessons and or activities for all to enjoy. I was asked to do a cooking class for everyone, but I decided not this year and said I would be interested for next years conference.


The ways that can develop my PLN with this function are huge… many of the CTS teachers coming together and collaborating.


Not only will I be able to research and discover new methodology but also the fact that the majority of people there actually care about our strand of the educational process. There are a lot of PD and funding towards core subjects and the academic focus on schooling. This is all about our hands on programing which in my opinion is way more engaging to this generation of students by far. The contacts and discussions will allow us to form cross curricular ties and relationships with not just colleagues in our schools but all over the province. Just this fact alone builds so many possibilities for development in the students community awareness and civic mindedness. Locally developed can become set standards for the province if the right people work together towards common delivery of curricular outcomes, thus stream lining some aspects for student gains and the possibility of financial gains for the budgetary cuts we are forced to deal with.