The biggest thing for my classroom is the fact that creativity in curricular design and delivery is key to build out the archaic academic ways and mentality. We won’t be able to fix the bigger problems till we get the right people in the positions of power to change not just policy as this is only a paper trail to justify funding that seems to waste away in the bureaucracy of good intent. But to actually bring the projects past the planning stages and help support and building of them… actual commitment to them. I know I am kind of partial to the program of the culinary arts… but we are developing a self sustaining and possible profitable (in the sense of continuous re-development of equipment and technology) through funds generated by the students learning and production. This system can be re-vamped again to build a cross curricular revenue building model for other programs to serve not just communities but greater social justice causes.

It is my belief that this type of system and shift in thinking about educational delivery will begin the ball rolling on a new form of thought not just in government but community as well wherein students are not just talking about doing things or pretending in a classroom or lab but actually participating more so as productive members of society before they are finished “formal education” .